Help Children in Syria and Its Refugee Children Around the World

For children in Syria who were struggling before this COVID-19 pandemic, things have only gotten worse. After almost ten years of conflict and displacement, 4.6 million children in Syria are now battling soaring malnutrition rates.

As the pandemic continues, Syrian refugee families will be pushed even further into poverty and child labor will increase. Even before the pandemic, prolonged exposure to war, stress and uncertainty left many children in a state of “toxic stress.” Now, it’s estimated that 2.1 million Syrian children are out of school.

For the 6.6 million people currently internally displaced in Syria and the 5.6 million Syrian refugees with no place to call home, we must continue fighting for a future we all share.

The Challenge for Syria’s Children

Many of Syria’s children and their families live in areas where basic services are almost non-existent. The essential infrastructure they rely on – such as healthcare, education and water and hygiene services – has been decimated.

At least 5 million children are now in need of urgent and ongoing humanitarian assistance. During Syria’s harsh winters, they are at risk of freezing to death. You can make a difference.

More than half the population of Syria has been forced to flee their homes*. Thousands of children have been orphaned or separated from their families in the chaos of war. 2.1 million children are out of school, deprived of basic essentials and a safe and protective environment.
Since the start of the crisis, Save the Children has worked to reach the most vulnerable children in Syria and in refugee-hosting countries. You can help.
By sponsoring a refugee child in Egypt, like Yara,** you can be a hero in her life and in the lives of other children in her community. With your steady support, they’ll finally have the chance to grow up healthy, learning and safe.

Together, We Can Stop the War on Children

The war in Syria has hit hardest those who are least responsible – children. Tens of thousands of innocent children have been killed or injured in the nine-year conflict. Those children who have survived are experiencing chronic stress due to violence, loss and instability.
A donation to our Syrian Children’s Relief Fund supports Save the Children’s efforts to help children in Syria and its refugees.
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